Listen! Touch! ABC for kids is an educational application touching favorite picture cards to learn English.
The familiar thing which children are interested in is drawn on the picture cards.
How to play is simple, drag window with 2 fingers and touch the picture card, and then English word is spoken.
Children can learn an English letter, pronunciation, and the meaning of words easily while playing a picture pair game and a pronunciation quiz.


-Become able to read alphabet, English words.
-Learn right pronunciation and rhythm of English.
-Become able to understand English meaning.

Special Feature

-Include about 200 words with right pronunciation.
-Can use word that drawn on the cards in daily life.
-No time limitation.
-Have 3 stages according to child’s growth degree.
-Can realize something wrong by oneself.

Ages of players

3 to 4 years old.

More words more fun!


-Get additional app that is billed, then you can add extra 2 stages!
-Kids’ interest for English will be improved!

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