Recent years, the rate of young unemployed person is rising by lack of personal independence, patience, and communication skill.
On the other hand, while information technology has been improved, image of ideal person is becoming person who can take the leadership by oneself and can create new things.
What should we do to fill this gap? It is nothing but the education of the person.
Then when is an effect of the education becomes biggest? It is said that age of preschool is the biggest.
It is proved in economics that there are differences between children whom preschool education was given and children that the same education is not given in terms of growth of the scholastic ability after the preschool, growth of the learning will, and quality of life.
Based on this fact, we will provide an appropriate education environment for preschool children and their parents so that children get ability that they can open up their future with confidence.
Anyware Inc.
CEO Ryosuke Nagai