Play more effectively

Play together with your child.
When your child is at a loss, do not tell a direct answer, and help them answer correctly by themselves.
Pay attention to 2 points, 1.what they want to do, 2.what they feel difficult to do.
*Way of representation
Show as slow as possible so that child can understand how to play in good order.
It’s difficult for child to perform looking and hearing at the same time. Explain by word of mouth after showing the movement so that child concentrates the movement.
*Use time
Cycle of “concentrate, achieve, finish autonomously” is very important for child, so the app has no limitation of time.
When it is felt that use time is long, do not hurry up forced interruption, and guide it to be able to be over in natural form.
For example, asking “until which part do you play?” is recommended.