Privacy policy

Anyware Inc.(called “Anyware” as follows) promotes protection of the personal information by the following privacy policy, and enforcing recognition and an action of the importance of the personal information protection.
*The acquisition of the personal information
We acquire personal information appropriately without depending on means of false other injustice.
*Management of the personal information
We take measures necessary to prevent unjust access to personal information to deal with, loss of the personal information, damage, manipulation, a leak and perform severe management of the personal information.
*Purpose of using personal information
We use it within the purpose when a user has provided personal information.
*Offer to a third party of the personal information
There cannot be the thing that we provide personal information to the third party without the agreement of the visitor unless we correspond to any of the following;
(1) We disclose it to the supplier whom we entrust with duties when a user hope to give them.
(2) When it is necessary to disclose it based on laws and ordinances.
*Disclosure, correction of the personal information
When a user hopes disclosure, a correction, suspension, deletion of the personal information, we confirm the person and support in a rational range.
*The observance of laws and ordinances and review of this policy
We observe laws and ordinances about the personal information, other models and review the content of this policy appropriately and try for the improvement.
Please inform it of the inquiry about the handling of our personal information to