User policy

The User policy determines a use condition of the application (called “this application” as follows) that Anyware Inc. (called “Anyware” as follows) provides.
When you use service (called “The service” as follows) about this application, please agree to an agreement by all means.
When all or part of this service is used, the user (called “a user” as follows) of this application is considered to have agreed to this agreement.
1.Applications of Terms of Use
(1)This agreement shall be applied to all relations about use of this service between user and us.
(2)When there is a language version except Japanese of this agreement, the contents of the Japanese edition shall be given priority to when the fate with the language version except the Japanese edition is different from a Japanese edition.
2.Change of Terms of Use
We shall be able to change this agreement to the user without a prior notice anytime. When this application is used after the change of this agreement, it is considered to have agreed to this agreement after the change.
3.Charge and a payment method (in the case of payment)
(1)When a part of this application is contributed for payment, about the means of payment, you shall pay the rate based on the fate of each site that is an origin of offer of the method.
(2)The charge of this application assumes it our price to determine.
(3)We do not refund it unless return duty occurs because of the fate of laws and ordinances about the charge of this application even if it is any case.
(4)When an infant purchases a charged part of this application, we shall obtain a protector or the pro-incarnation’s consent.
(5)When some kinds of disputes occur in payment of the charge of this application between user and us, I shall solve it with an all user between each site. We shall not take all responsibility about the dispute concerned.
The user must not do the following acts on using this service.
(1)Act in violation of laws and ordinances or public order and morals
(2)Act in conjunction with the criminal act
(3)The act that might interfere with the administration of this service
(4)The act that might infringe the right of us or the third party regarding this service
(5)In addition, act that judged to inappropriate by us
5.Stops of the offer of this service
(1)When we judge that there is any of the following reason, we stop an offer of all or part of this service without notifying a user beforehand.
a.When we check maintenance or update about all computing system or other resources necessary for the offer of this service.
b.When, by the inevitability such as an earthquake, a thunderbolt, a fire, a blackout or the natural disaster, the offer of this service becomes difficult.
c.In addition, when we judge the offer of this service to be difficult
(2)We shall not take responsibility for all regardless of a reason about any disadvantage that a user or a third party put on by the stop of the offer of this service or interruption or damage.
6.Use restrictions and the loss of the qualification
(1)We shall be able to take measures such as stopping all of these services or some offers against a user without a prior notice in the following cases.
a.When a user does not pay the price for these contents.
b.When a user violates this agreement.
c.When a user violates laws and ordinances, the regulations.
d.When there are other illegal acts.
(2)We shall not take responsibility for all about the damage that occurred to the user because of the interruption of the offer of this service, a stop.
7.Changes of service contents
We change the contents of this service or shall be able to cancel the offer of this service without notifying a user, and we do not take responsibility for all about the damage that a user suffers.
8.Intellectual property rights
The right that all programs, design, service, trademarks constituting this application form a line and suffer from a business name belongs to the person who we have recognized except for the following;
Part BGM, sound effects: Maoh-damashii
9.A notice or communication
We shall perform the notice between user and us or the communication by our method to determine.
10.Governing law, jurisdiction
(1)In the interpretation of this agreement, we assume Japanese law a governing law.
(2)When a dispute occurs between us and a user, we assume Tokyo District Court the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.
An additional clause: May 31, 2015 establishment